Santa Paula, California Title Photo


Santa Paula History

Santa Paula High School: El Solano Yearbook Archive
Santa Paula High School has occupied an important place in the history of the town for over a century. Yearbooks from 1903, 1932 and 1936 are currently available online, and more are on their way!

The Santa Paula Historical Society is an excellent resource for more information about early local history.

Main Street: Santa Paula (1920s)
Main Street (1920's)

Blanchard Library: Santa Paula
Blanchard Library (1920's)

Santa Paula High School (1920s)
Santa Paula High School (1920's)

North Grammar School (1920s)
North Grammar School (1920's)

Main Street: Santa Paula (1920s)
Main Street (1920's)

The photos above are from a set of postcards that were printed for Cauch's Drug Store in Santa Paula. Although there is no date on the cards, they appear to be from the 1920s.